Day: May 20, 2020

Large size of trace files from MMON

While I was doing housekeeping working to prepare ODA upgrade, I noticed some large trace files for ASM and MGMTDB databases as showed below: [grid@joeoda001 trace]$ du -sh *gen* *mmon* 1.6G +ASM1_gen0_20481.trc 250M +ASM1_gen0_20481.trm 1.5G +ASM1_mmon_20571.trc 243M +ASM1_mmon_20571.trm [grid@joeoda001 grid]$ du -sh diag/rdbms/_mgmtdb/-MGMTDB/trace/*|grep -v K 22M diag/rdbms/_mgmtdb/-MGMTDB/trace/alert_-MGMTDB.log 161M diag/rdbms/_mgmtdb/-MGMTDB/trace/-MGMTDB_dbrm_23332.trc 16M diag/rdbms/_mgmtdb/-MGMTDB/trace/-MGMTDB_dbrm_23332.trm 1.7G diag/rdbms/_mgmtdb/-MGMTDB/trace/-MGMTDB_gen0_23224.trc 240M diag/rdbms/_mgmtdb/-MGMTDB/trace/-MGMTDB_gen0_23224.trm … Continue reading Large size of trace files from MMON