Month: July 2020

Monitoring process/session usage in Oracle SE

Once in a while, there might be a need to monitor number of processes/sessions from an application, especially when there is a version update of the application to make sure there is no session leak etc. -- a serious issue which could lead the process/session limit are reached and Oracle rejects new connections -- literally … Continue reading Monitoring process/session usage in Oracle SE


Oracle Instant Client installation on Linux

From time to time, you may need to access Oracle database from a remote server which doesn't have Oracle client installed. Using Oracle Instant Client is a lightweight, easy-to-implement solution. The current version is In this post, I am demonstrating the installation of an older version - 12.1 on Linux 6.3 64-bit. The reason … Continue reading Oracle Instant Client installation on Linux


I've been reading the guide Oracle Database High Availability Best Practices. In the Chapter 8 about Data Guard, it mentions two parameters for Redo Apply best practices: DB_BLOCK_CHECKSUM and DB_BLOCK_CHECKING and suggests to set them to FULL and MEDIUM/FULL respectively. It's quite confusing when looking at the definition of two parameters: DB_BLOCK_CHECKING = { FALSE … Continue reading DB_BLOCK_CHECKSUM vs DB_BLOCK_CHECKING