ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [ksvworkmsgalloc: bad reaper] open resetlog fail

Ran into the error above when moving (restoring from a backup) a 12c database (data files, control files, redo logs) from an Oracle Linux 6 server to a new Oracle Linux 8 server and trying to do a 19c upgrade with the following command:

alter database open resetlogs upgrade;

The problem was the path of a redo log group was not correct. The path doesn’t exist on the new Oracle Linux 8 server. We can check redo log group information with the following commands:

select * from v$log;
select * from v$logfile;

Then we can rename redo log file and clear the group.

alter database rename file '/dbase/oradata/redo/redo1.log' to '/dbase/redo/redo1.log';
alter database clear logfile group 1;
alter database clear unarchived logfile group 1;

Redo logs will be created at the correct place with the commands above.


Open Resetlogs Fail with ORA-00600[ksvworkmsgalloc: bad reaper] (Doc ID 2728106.1)

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