Retrieve password configured within mRemoteNG

mRemoteNG is a popular and handy tool for people managing connections to multiple servers with tabs no matter the connection types are ssh, or rdp, or http/https etc. Usually for a connection, you will configure username & password along with the host/IP information so that you don’t need to enter a user name and its password when making a connection within mRemoteNG. The password is masked as the asterisk signs.

However sometimes you might need to retrieve the password saved and here is a way to do so:

  1. Open mRemoteNG and go to the menu “Tools” -> “External Tools”.
  2. Then select “New External Tool” to create a new external tool.
  3. In the External Tools Properties, fill in values for 3 properties “Display Name”, “Filename” and “Arguments”.
  4. You can give any string as the Display Name.
  5. Enter “cmd” as the Filename.
  6. Enter “/k echo %password%” as the Arguments.
  7. Next go to the connection where you would like to retrieve the password from and right-click on it and choose “External tools” -> The tool you just defined.
  8. A command line window will open and show the passwrod for the user configured for this connection.


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